You Not Only Save Money By Using Port-A-Cool Products,
But You Can Also Make Money Too!

We Will Pay You $50.00 Every Time You Refer
 A New Customer To Miami Portable Cooling

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  If you know someone who would benefit from the comfort and increased productivity that Portacool products provide, and who wants to save 90% or more on their cooling cost, then tell them to call us and mention your PAC Referral Number (Miami Portable Cooling Sales & Rentals Referral Number). Or you can email, fax or submit your referral information to our sales office and we will contact your referral client.

When a new customer that you referred to us buys any Portacool model, we will send you a check for $50.00. That's all there is to it!

Many times when people visit a home or business where a Portacool unit is being used, they want one too. Now you can actually, not only save money by having a Portacool product, but you can make money too!

Simply give your referral customer our toll free phone number, 1-888-536-8741 along with your PAC Referral Number. Then tell them to call us and be sure to mention your PAC Referral Number when they call. That's all you have to do. When the customer calls us to purchase their Portacool unit(s), we will mail you a check for $50.00!
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