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Our Portacool portable evaporative system offers a unique and portable outdoor cooling option, which serves as a perfect alternative if a standard air-conditioning system is not available, either because it is cost prohibitive or impractical. Whether you need a portable air conditioner at work or at play, Miami Portable Cooling units can provide you the comfort that you need.

Miami Portable Cooling provides services to several Fortune 500 companies as well as many professional sports events and movie sets. In addition, Miami Portable Cooling provides Portacool units for Weddings, indoor and outdoor parties, and all types of Events that require your guests and attendees to feel nice and cool. Whether you have an outdoor patio, pool deck or a restaurant with outdoor seating, think of Miami Portable Cooling to provide the best and most cost effective solution to a hot and stuffy day.

Miami Portable Cooling units, or PORTACOOLS, offers an extensive outdoor cooling solutions that is able to cool thousands of square feet and lower temperatures up to 20 degrees, using just water and electricity saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars from your typical electric bill. Just $1/day! to run the PORTACOOL units.! Think of the SAVINGS!

If you need a Portable Air Conditioner, you can expect that Miami Portable Cooling outdoor & indoor cooling units can cool any place, whether it is your home, factory, warehouse, tennis court, auto repair shop, practice field, stadium sidelines, outdoor swimming pool, kitchen, garden, assembly line, workshops and home garage. These Portacool units are perfect for any type of outdoor event, weddings, concerts, cafes, pool parties, restaurants, and any venue type where indoor & outdoor cooling is necessary, but might be too expensive or unavailable.

Miami Portable Outdoor Cooling units offers portable outdoor cooling solutions for a wide variety of cooling needs. Listed below is a comprehensive list of our evaporative cooling services which we offer our clients. Please contact us for more info. Daily and weekly rental rates are available.

Evaporative cooling is a safe, low cost alternative to cooling any indoor/outdoor events or activities. Air is cooled 15-20 degrees cooler then the surrounding air, which will give great relief to any hot day

At Miami Portable Cooling, we offer you a portable cooling units rental, which can meet your specific needs. If you want to attract your customers to your outdoor patio, why not provide them with a comfortable environment? After all, Not all outdoor cooling solutions work as well as the Portacool portable cooling units to make your outdoor patio their favorite spot!

Unlike standard fans, these units provide an outdoor cooling system which can be used in a wide array of locations, from water parks to theme parks, to swimming pool decks. No question this is the best product.!

These portable ac unit rental can produce up to 20,100 CFM air delivery. The fan speed controls enable precise air flow settings which ensures comfort and convenience. The fan and the pump operate with less noise while at the same time, the molded Polyethylene Plastic housing is secured on a galvanized steel caddy for easy moving.

Count on us for your outdoor cooling needs. We offer services to Miami, Miami Beach, Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale areas. We are here to help you out! Let’s turn the Florida heat into something cool and comfortable with the help of Miami Portable Cooling's portable air conditioner units.