Climate PRO K60 for rent

Climate PRO K60 - 5 Ton Rental (R)

Cooling capacity

5 Ton / 60,000 BTU

Water Drain Capacity

Integral condensate pump

Electrical requirements

208/230 Volt / 1 Phase
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MovinCool Climate Pro K60 Series - The cooler choice for your office or computer room.

The all-new Climate Pro K series brings “roll-it-in” and “plug-it-in” convenience with the innovative features that distinguish the entire Climate Pro line. 

  • 60,000 BTUH.
  • 208/230 Volt / 1 Phase
  • 50 Amp 6 Ft. long power cord included.
  • Plugs into a NEMA 6-50P wall receptacle (field provided).
  • Integral condensate pump.
Key Features:
  • Made especially for commercial spaces where comfort is essential to productivity. 
  • Cools to mid-60s °F — for effective heat control around electronics, servers, and computers. 
  • Digital controls and auto operation — allow 24/7 programmable back-up of central systems. 
  • Effective moisture removal — hastens drying for humid and water-damaged areas. 
  • Color LCD control panel. Simplifies operation, clearing of codes and easier to read.
  • Matte black cabinet brings stylish utility to the workplace.
  • Added bumpers enable safer handling and movement around your facility.
  • Larger casters makes rolling and navigation easier.
  • Built-in cable compartment. Keeps power cord securely out of the way.
  • Built-in condenser air flanges. Standard on all models — no add-ons needed. 
Ideal For:
  • Offices 
  • Server and Telecom Rooms 
  • Hospitals 
  • Schools 
  • Laboratories 
  • Banks 
  • Emergency Back-up Supplemental Cooling 
  • After-hours Cooling Retail Spaces